👁 1:1 Virtual Coaching

What are Virtual Coachings? 📲

AJ provides virtual video call coachings via Skype. You can have a virtual coach always at the ready to help provide you real-time life and career advice. Centered around customer success, AJ will help guide you virtually. AJ holds several coaching certifications and professional memberships.

How much does it cost? 💰

During the session, you automatically receive a request to pay a small fee. You have the option of sending more as a tip if you wish, just let Coach AJ know or initiate the send yourself.

  • $8 per video call.
  • Coachings last approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

All chat responses are subject to the availability and at the leisure of Coach AJ. Tip donations are welcomed and help support AG Impact. Response times are never guaranteed. All appointments are always subject to rescheduling with or without advance notice.

Personal Growth

Figure out your purpose and passion in life. With personal development coaching, you'll enable yourself to create the future you deserve. When you stop focusing on obstacles, you'll find the path forwards smoother and more inviting. I'll help you create the solutions that are right for your situation. Together, everything is possible.

Career Growth

With a dynamic and tailored approach to your goals, together we can equip you with the knowledge and skills required to step into the job of your dreams. Everyone is unique and putting the right solutions in place for you, will give you the confidence to achieve the success that is right for you.

Powered by Skype

Using the Skype platform, you can interact with Amiel ("Coach AJ") in real-time. To get a secured slot you'll want to book an appointment, however you can always message AJ and wait for a leisurely response. Payment for your coaching will be requested during the session via Skype. Check rates posted on this page. (Skype Name: live:c75567ea212dac2b)

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